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Rebecca W. Sparks, RN, MAMediation / Coaching / Education

Conflict education is an opportunity for you and/or your organization to be guided through the various arenas in which conflict is relevant. What conflict is, how it manifests and what can be done about it is only part of what you or your organization will experience. Throughout trainings each individual is required to assess what types of conflict management skills they currently have and how conflict impacts them, what they tend to do while in conflict and what types of conflicts can be avoided. Once the individual has a clearer sense of what he or she does and how he or she truly feels about conflict, skills are taught that can assist with any future problems, primarily, mediation skills.

Mediation skills are vast, however, the basic communication techniques used in mediation are not. Trainings offer not only the opportunity to learn these techniques, but also to practice them before returning to the work world. While getting feedback the individual can begin to assess and truly understand conflict in a new and more productive way.

Conflict Education & Management can:

  • Enhance your personal and organizational communication skills
  • Encourage personal and organizational growth
  • Build individual and team effectiveness
  • Reduce conflict escalation
  • Provide a safe environment to explore disagreements
  • Assist managers in understanding peer mediation
  • Allow collaborative relationships to evolve
  • And much, much more...